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Finding your own strengths by connecting on a personal level

I fulfil mostly secretarial duties for the Go-team. When I feel a connection with people around me, I'm at my very best. I prefer to work closely in a small team, rather than in a larger, more impersonal group. I'm a caring sort of person, and tend to put other people's needs before my own. That can be both a strength and a pitfall. Helping people gives me a great feeling, but it can be energy-draining too. I have to watch out that I take enough care of myself, know when its time to relax and allow myself to be nurtured by others in return.



I really feel at home at K&S, I’m connected to the people here. It's totally different from how it was at other workplaces. There was hardly any real 'social interest' in one another, much less real, human contact. When colleagues at K&S ask me: "How are you doing?" they're genuinely interested. I don't feel like 'just an assistant', but a valuable member of staff, on equal terms.


We grow with the company

The essence of my work will probably stay the same for some time to come, but my environment will most likely change, along with the nature of K&S' work. The com-pany is expanding, which ultimately requires a different way of working from our team. And not just in terms of how we carry out our work, but also in terms of entrepre-neurship, coordination and organisation. In this way, the level of services we provide will expand along with the company's growth.