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Sharon Jacobs


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Working from Confidence

At Kessels & Smit I am in the right place. I feel at home. I can manage my own business- and at the same time work pleasantly together with colleagues. I think it is very special that everybody here focus on what you’re good at- on your strong points. When are you in your strengths? This is very different from the emphasis on things one can’t do or still has to do.

Keeping agenda’s, supporting the logistics of the Development Centers, client contact, service for Maliebaan45 - I do my job thoroughly and with care - that goes without saying. I just do it. And to my colleagues this is helpful and delightful, I take it all in my stride.

Although I am businesslike and professional, I like to communicate in an informal way. It makes contact better instead of distant.

My own strengths test shows I am action directed and have an ability to adapt. I can fully recognize myself in that. I live in the moment, take things as they come. That doesn’t mean I can’t plan, because I can do that well. But when a plan is real, I don’t worry about what might happen or go wrong. I used to be a real brooder.

What I really like here is the ability to take things in to your own hands. Everybody is appreciative, positive, willing to help and think along. Colleagues are always there for you, mutual relations are clear and transparent. Because of that, I can work from confidence. That makes the quality of work all the better. Colleagues and clients notice this.

The biggest compliment I ever got was when I had just worked here for three days.”It feels like you have been here much longer already”, they said, “You already belong here.” An instant match.