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Using technology to enrich learning


One of the focal points of my work is encouraging organisations, teams and individuals to improve their work performance through talent development. Subjects such as organisational development, team development and the internal climate of an organisation are closely related to that. My interest lies mainly in learning and change processes and I enjoy working with innovative forms of working and learning, preferably as a creative designer. Doing things just a little differently from what people expect catches their imagination and arouses their curiosity. Curiosity is a powerful drive for learning, development and, above all, enjoyment at work.

The idea of using technology to enrich learning appeals to me enormously: multimedia, images, virtual and digital contact, and Web 2.0 all play a part in my work. Another exciting option is using role play and experimental work environments to create potential learning experiences. Acquired knowledge has to come from an intense experience in order to become permanent, and experimental situations and role play situations are designed to provide such experiences. Presenting learning problems from a different angle, they encourage participants to explore, experiment and discover.

In future, I would like to focus more closely on the connection between learning with technology and learning with role play. By doing this in close collaboration with colleagues and clients we can learn a lot from each other and keep innovating.

I discovered my passion for learning and change processes during the many years I worked as a volunteer training youth leaders, and later during my social pedagogy studies at the Catholic University of Leuven, where I also completed my teacher training degree. I have worked for Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company in Belgium since 2008, and took the leap to entrepreneurship in 2009.